Kushal Bhalaik

Kushal Bhalaik

ChatGPT x Cypress.io API tests [shorts]

Good morning! As I was basking in the sun on this Himalayan winter morning, it hit me what if I could generate all my test scenarios (which I often write in Cypress.io)

Cypress v10 - What's new?

Given that I recently joined Cypress.io 's Ambassador Program; it came with a few perks one of them is a sneak peek into Cypress.io new releases before Public release and I got my hand-on with Cypress v.10-beta and here is my take on the v10 release.

Running Cypress Tests in Parallel using GitHub Actions [shorts]

In the previous article "Running Cypress Tests in GitHub Actions (Part 10)" of the Cypress-TestFramework [https://kushalbhalaik.xyz/blog/building-a-test-automation-framework-using-cypress-io-part-1/] article series, we saw how we can leverage Github to run our tests

Building custom Docker images from cypress/included [shorts]

In the past article [https://kushalbhalaik.xyz/blog/running-cypress-tests-in-docker-part-9/], we saw how we can leverage upon cypress/included [https://github.com/cypress-io/cypress-docker-images/tree/master/included] Docker images provided by Cypress [https://cypress.